Workshop Day 2 Agenda

At all times, feel free to work ahead of what is being demonstrated. Today is for self-guided individual work -- ask lots of questions!
  1. Fill out yellow progress form. Give us emails of your mentorees!

  2. Share plans & molecules.

  3. With molecule(s) of your choice, create informative views in RasMol, and save scripts of these views.

  4. Demonstration: script saving and technical caveats; master scripts.

  5. 12:00 NOON       (-: (-: (-: (-:   Lunch!   :-) :-) :-) :-)

  6. Demonstration: Installing scripts into a web-deliverable Chime presentation.

  7. Continue creating and saving views.
    Optional: Install your scripts into the Chime template.

  8. Optional: install Chime (so you can do it at home!)

  9. 3:30 PM Optional: show your scripts to the group
  10. 4:30 PM Write evaluation of today (blue paper)
  11. Pick up assignment for interval 2, head for home!