(formerly pdblite.org)
PDB Lite for Finding and Downloading Macromolecules

New in 2008
Proteopedia.Org is an excellent place for nonspecialists to find and visualize macromolecules. Educators and students can easily create tutorials on molecules of interest, including customized interactive 3D scenes. It shows evolutionary conservation in one click, and links to FirstGlance in Jmol, which is adopted by Nature, Protein Science, and others. Want to make publication quality molecular scenes, or animated molecules for Powerpoint? See Top5.MolviZ.Org.

We apologize, but PDBLite, which was in service since 1998, is no longer available (September, 2010).

For a simple search interface, you can use the single slot at the top of the main page at www.pdb.org.

For advanced searches, please see Jaime Prilusky's as a powerful yet straightforward (easier to use) alternative to Advanced Search at RCSB. OCA can find some things that RCSB cannot. For example, OCA has query fields for Kingdom, Gene, Disease, and Function. On the other hand, RCSB can find some things more easily than OCA. For example it can limit searches to entries that contain coordinates for RNA but neither protein nor DNA, and it can find "phospholipase C" while OCA ignores the "C".