Atomic Coordinate Files for Whole IgG1

This PDB file contains a model of an entire human IgG1 molecule, including carbohydrate. This web site is the first where it was made publically available. It was generously provided by Eduardo A. Padlan of the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda MD USA. It is a composite model built from F(ab')2 fragments from Brookhaven file 2IG2.PDB, and an Fc fragment from Brookhaven file 1FC2.PDB. Part of the hinge region and other details are theoretically modeled.

This IgG1 model is described in Fig. 1 in Anatomy of the Antibody Molecule by Eduardo A. Padlan, Mol. Immunol. 31:169-217, 1994. Atomic coordinate files are available here both for the entire molecule (IGG1-ALL.PDB, 10,401 atoms, 700 Kbytes) and for the alpha carbons only (IGG1-CAC.PDB, 1,336 atoms, 100 Kbytes). Both files are compressed into the 200 Kbyte self-unzipping file IGG1-EAP.EXE. (When the program IGG1-EAP.EXE is run under DOS, it will generate the two PDB files.) For Mac users, the uncompressed files are provided: IGG1-ALL.PDB and IGG1-CAC.PDB.

N.B.: Improvements in these PDB files were made on February 7, 1996. The versions provided originally were concatenations of separate PDB files each of which had independent numbering of the atoms. This produced redundant numbers and confused RasMol. Also some of the chains had no chain designation letters. These have been provided, and all atoms in each file are now numbered sequentially.

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