Graphics Editors

This page lists graphics editors which were used to create some of the images in the RasMol Gallery from the GIF files saved by RasMol. If you wish to recommend others for mention here, contact

LviewPro for Windows

LviewPro from MMedia by Leonardo Haddad Loureiro was formerly shareware but now requires a small license fee (well worth it!). It is especially useful for resizing, cropping, and annotating images with text, as well as for combining images and changing colors in images.

To save a RasMol or Chime image to a GIF file: in Windows, Alt-PrtSc to copy the entire screen to the clipboard. (PrtSc is a little-use key on your keyboard.) Then Edit, Paste in Lview. Define the rectangle to be saved with a click and drag mouse operation. Now pull down the File menu and select Crop. Finally, File, Save As (select GIF or another format preference, such as JPG).

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