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Median Fluorescence Intensity
"MFI" is Software for Analysis of Flow Cytofluorometry Data -- Free for All Users -- See the Agreement.
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MFI Program copyright © by Eric Martz, 1996
MFI website copyright © by Eric Martz, 2001; Revised May 2003; February 2008; October 2012.

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MFI works in Windows 7
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What does MFI do well?

MFI's development was completed before Windows and the World Wide Web became universal. Its menus operate entirely from the keyboard. (It doesn't respond to the mouse). Its keyboard-based menu interface is unusual in today's icon/mouse-click context, but easily learned and efficient to use.

What does MFI do poorly?
Generally, Joe Trotter's WinMDI freeware and MFI do different things well. These two programs complement each other nicely.

MFI is available for Windows (MS-DOS) only, and works in all versions of Windows, including Windows on Intel Macintosh OSX. On x86 linux, it will run in a Windows subsystem with Win4Lin. MFI's source code can be made available for porting to other platforms.
Agreement: MFI is provided free for all users, and without support. (A statement within the software requiring licensing by for-profit users is obsolete and may be disregarded.) Use of MFI for clinical purposes is prohibited. By the act of using MFI you agree to accept full responsibility for verifying the accuracy of MFI's results with your data and its suitability for your purposes. No warranty is made nor implied. See the MFI/FCS Verification Suite.
Development of the MFI program stopped in 1996 at version 3.4kb8. No further enhancements will be released by MFI's author Eric Martz. Parties interested in improving MFI should inquire about obtaining the source code. The Internet in the early 1990's was crucial for distribution of beta-test versions of MFI, and for exchanging listmode data files for compatibility testing. All that communication was by email and ftp, as hypertext websites were not yet common. This website was created in November 2001 to make MFI more accessible. More about the development history of MFI is available.



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