Netscape and Chime - Version Checking

Netscape. If you're not sure which version of Netscape you're using, select the menu Help, About Navigator.

Chime. If you're not sure whether Chime is installed, select Netscape's menu Help, About Plug-ins. If a section about Chime is present, it is installed. After you install or update Chime, remember to restart Netscape, else it won't be loaded.

To find out what version of Chime is installed, click on the PDB file link below. This will create a black Chime screen showing a wireframe view of ATP. After you see the ATP molecule, bring up Chime's menu by pressing the right mouse button (Macintosh: hold the mouse button down without moving the mouse), and select About from the menu. Then press Netscape's Back button to return to this page. Here is the file: ATP.PDB.

Controlling Chime vs. RasMol in Netscape 3.0. If Chime is listed under Help, About Plug-ins, but clicking on the ATP.PDB link above starts RasMol instead of Chime, simply quit Netscape and restart it. This will blank-out RasMol as the Action which Netscape has under Options, General Preferences, Helpers, chemical/x-pdb, allowing Chime to be invoked. To restore Netscape's ability to start RasMol when you click on a link to a PDB file, use Netscape's Options, General Preferences, Helpers. select chemical/x-pdb, and use the Browse button to indicate the RasMol program as the Action. RasMol will remain the action for PDB files only until you shut down Netscape. When you restart Netscape, Chime will again reinstate its dominance. To make RasMol remain the PDB helper action between Netscape sessions, you need to disable Chime.