For Downloading and Installation of Protein Explorer (PE)

Do you really need to download PE?
If you have a fast Internet connection, using PE on-line (from will be completely satisfactory for most purposes. Good reasons to download PE are:
  1. You are planning to develop MolSlides. Downloaded PE will work faster and better, and will facilitate having more than one PDB file in a single set of MolSlides.
  2. You have a slow Internet connection (telephone modem). Once you download the PDB files you need, and PE, you can use PE entirely off-line. It will be much faster.
  3. You wish to explore PDB files that are not on-line -- they are available only from your local hard disk. Firefox and Netscape 7.2 preclude loading a local PDB file into an on-line PE session. Downloaded PE can load local PDB files in these browsers.
  4. You have proprietary PDB files that must not be disclosed. Using downloaded PE with the computer disconnected from the Internet guarantees that you will not inadvertantly send any of your PDB files off-site. See Security of Data.

If you still want to download PE, please select one:

1. Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, etc.

2. Intel Mac OSX: Windows is required,
either with Bootcamp (alternate boot) or
a subsystem within OSX (from
Download from the above link for Windows.

3. PPC Mac with OSX+Classic or OS9