Amino Acid Quizzer
Instructions for Teachers

This Quizzer was the idea of Brian White of UMass, Boston. Based on his idea, we made this initial version. Brian has used different versions in his classes, available at his General Biology site, notably his amino acid quizzer and his DNA base pair site.

The general idea is to assign each student (or pair of students) a sequence number or range. Their goal is to type in the assigned number(s), then identify the amino acid(s) displayed, including which is N-terminal and which is C-terminal. Optionally, they can then characterize the amino acid as charged, polar but not charged, or hydrophobic, etc.

Note that all amino acid residue names in the PDB file have been replaced with XXX so students cannot identify them by clicking on them (report appears in the browser status line). (This also precludes displaying the molecule as backbone, cartoon, etc.)

Instructors wishing to know the identity and sequence of the molecule utilized can email me. Be sure to identify yourself completely, and preferably give the URL of your faculty website or personal website.

If you find this useful, please let me know by email!

--Eric Martz, April 1999