Troubleshooting Download of Molecule

Your molecule appears to be taking a long time to arrive and display.
If the molecule appears after this troubleshooting window opens, you may disregard the information below -- simply press the Close button at the bottom.

  1. Protein Explorer (PE) is trying to obtain the molecule's PDB file (3D structure data) through the Internet. If the status line (at the bottom of PE's window) shows increasing numbers of "K read" every few seconds, then the PDB file is being received, and eventually the molecule will appear. Most PDB files are smaller than a few hundred Kbytes in size, but some are quite large (>1 megabyte), especially PDB files containing ensembles of models from NMR experiments. Unfortunately the Protein Data Bank does not show PDB file size. If you want to wait, continue reading this page. Only if you DON'T WANT TO WAIT for this PDB file, press this button

  2. If the status line does not show progress, then either (i) your network connection, or (ii) the server from which the molecule was requested, is responding poorly, or (iii) the molecule requested does not exist on the server. You are requesting: