Using Protein Explorer in linux
or other platforms besides Windows or Macintosh.

Protein Explorer (PE) requires the free, powerful MDL Chime plug-in for all of its functions. Without Chime, PE would not have been possible! MDL offers Chime 2 only for Windows and Macintosh. (There is an old SGI version of Chime 0.9z but it does not support PE.) Despite many requests for a linux Chime MDL has declined to offer one. This is beyond our control. Nevertheless PE can be operated very satisfactorily in x86 linux, or in a Windows subsystem, as detailed below.

PE works in Netscape (Windows or Macintosh) or Internet Explorer (Windows only). Other browsers may work but have not been tested.

Disclaimer: We have no affiliation with, nor financial interest in MDL Information Systems, Microsoft, Netscape, Codeweavers, VMware, Trelos/Win4Lin, or Citrix/Metaframe. Links to these sites are offered for information only. Please contact us if you know of additional software supporting the operation of Windows or Macintosh OS under other platforms.

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