Viewing Modes for Presentations in Protein Explorer (PiPEs)

The viewing mode in which a PiPE opens is
typically chosen with radio buttons present at the top of the presentation's contents page (the page that has links to each PiPE chapter in the presentation -- example). Alternatively, a link that starts a PiPE can specify the viewing mode with a query parameter (see below). When PiPEs are loaded via empty PE, PE will ask you for the viewing mode.

After you are in a PiPE chapter, the only way to change the viewing mode is to close the PiPE window ("quit"), and at the contents page, use the radio buttons to request a different viewing mode, then re-start the PiPE chapter.

There are three possible viewing modes:

PiPE Viewing Mode
Font Size
Help on PiPE controls
Popup Details
Scripts displayed next to buttons
Viewing Mode and PiPE Blocks Accessible at bottom of control panel
Audience (for projection to illustrate a talk or lecture)
Must click circled ? to display
Individual (for study by one or two people)
Pops up automatically at outset
Displayed automatically
Development (for the person developing the PiPE)
Must click circled ? to display Displayed automatically

Query paramter for specifying PiPE viewing mode: &pm=x&, where x is a, i or d. (Example, where ... depend on file locations: ".../protexpl/pe.htm?id=.../my_molecules/pipes/.../index.htm&pm=a&").

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