Browser Security Barriers and Access Limitations

Browser Chime load PDB
Import HTML body
Save HTML containing JS
Netscape Comm. 4 Yes both ways and between servers. Cannot access body. Strips JS out when saving HTML. Only way to import will be copy HTML source and paste into form. Adds <BASE...> tag.
Strips out javascript (both Win and Mac).
Internet Explorer 6 Yes both ways and between servers. On-line PE:
Cannot load local HTML file into import frame.
For MolSlide save, must select HTML only, not "complete".
Saves javascript. Inserts a null character after each non-null character (whether or not the window is resized before the save). This does not affect display in any browser.
Gecko (Firefox) File-PE can access both file & http.
On-line PE can access PDB from another server.
On-line PE cannot access local PDB files (note 1).
On-line PE:
  • from same server works OK.
  • Cannot access HTML body from another server, but paste source works.
  • Cannot load local HTML file into frame!

  • Downloaded PE:
    - On-line HTML loads, but can't access body  (note 2) but copy and paste source works.
    Saves html and javascript intact, by default.

    1: Firefox does not alert but reports this in the javascript console: Security Error: Content at may not load or link to file:///O:/1d66.pdb.\

    2: Firefox: no alert, javascript console: Error: uncaught exception: Permission denied to get property HTMLDocument.body