Sorry, but you appear to be using an operating system that is incompatible with Chime 2.

Protein Explorer requires Netscape 4 or Internet Explorer 5.5. Here are more details on compatible browsers.

linux: Protein Explorer runs well and inexpensively under x86 linux! . If you have installed Codeweavers' CrossOver Plugin on x86 linux, you need to bypass Protein Explorer's browser check to start. Add nbc=1 to the URL, for example, pe.htm?nbc=1.

unix, Sun, SGI, etc.: If you are using a computer other than Windows 95/98/NT, Macintosh PPC, or x86 linux, using Protein Explorer on your computer will require a local window to a remote Windows NT session.

Is it worth the fuss?

MDL Information Systems, Inc., the providers of free MDL Chime 2, offers it only for Windows 95/98/NT (not Windows 3.1) and Macintosh PPC (not 68K).