Protein Explorer's Implementation
in Microsoft's Internet Explorer

First included in PE 1.91.
Revised/added in PE 1.92: window size, Catch 22.
Added in PE 1.93: Embed commands follow script file
Added in PE 1.98: Link to How and Why PE Works Better in Netscape than IE.

This is a technical document about PE's construction -- you do not need to read it to use PE! It is provided for those who may be interested in adapting some downloaded PE javascript to their own applications.
Abbreviations used in this document: IE Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser; IMBIF Immediate-Mode Button in Invisible Frame. JS javascript/JScript; NS Netscape's browser; PE Protein Explorer;

For background and an introduction to the PE in IE project, and for details on the implementation of browser and Chime version testing, please see Browser Testing first.
I have made a very large effort to make PE work in IE as well as possible, within the limitations of Chime's function in IE. There are some inadequacies that are beyond my control. These are listed in How and Why PE works better in Netscape 4.7x/4.8x than in IE.

In order to get PE to run in IE, first the idiosyncracies and bugs for Chime+IE needed to be discovered and understood, and then worked around with creative javascript. Paul Pillot made a big start on this as a volunteer. Below are a list of these issues and the strategies used to work around them.