Protein Explorer
Convenience Button Bar

To see the commands sent to Chime by each button, click the Message Control link (lower left frame), check "Buttons", then "Back", then press the desired button.

Toggles on/off continuous rotation of the molecule around the Y axis. This can also be done from Chime's menu.

Increases (+) or decreases (-) the size of the molecule by 16% per click. Can also be done by holding down the Shift key and dragging up or down on the graphic with the mouse.

Changes the background color, rotating through white, dark gray, and black. The background can be set to any color with the command "background <color>", where <color> is the name of a color recognized by Chime (listed on the menu under Select, Change color to), or any arbitrary

Displays/hides any water in the PDB file, rotating between spacefill, dot surfaces, and hidden. If no water is present, none will appear.

Displays/hides any hetero atoms other than water (typically anything noncovalently bound; also anything not protein nor DNA nor RNA, such as carbohydrate). If no hetero atoms are present, none will appear.

Synchronizes mouse-directed movements. For example, if the TOP frame is active when you press the [Synch] button, the bottom frame will follow all mouse-directed movements you do in the top frame. However, mouse-directed movements done in the bottom frame will not be followed by movements in the top frame (unless you push the [Synch] button when the BOTTOM frame is active).

To turn off synchronization of mouse-directed movements, press the [Synch] button again.