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on Protein 3D Structure Knowledge,
Structural Bioinformatics & Genomics

by Eric Martz for Protein Explorer.
  1. Structural Bioinformatics (Introductory Overview)
    1. Why Do We Care about 3D Macromolecular Structure?
    2. What Are Protein 3D Structure Data?
      1. 4 Amino Acids (65 Atoms) Annotated (in Jmol)
      2. 3D Data as Text (PDB File Format)
      3. 56 Amino Acids (~1,000 Atoms) Annotated (in Jmol)
    3. Where Do 3D Data Come From?
    4. How Much 3D Structure Knowledge Do We Have?
      1. Intrinsically Unstructured Protein

  2. Protein 3D Structure Knowledge
      A shorter version of slide #3, with links to the same detail slides.

  3. Protein 3D Structure Knowledge
    1. How are 3D macromolecular structures obtained?
      1. Nature of 3D Structural Data (Document at PDB)
      2. Success Rates in Protein Crystallography
      3. Homology / Comparative Modeling (with links)
      4. Ab Initio Theoretical Modeling (with links)
      5. Links to Further Reading

    2. Characteristics of Data in the PDB
      1. Sequence Redundancy vs. Method in the Protein Data Bank
      2. Molecular Weight vs. Method in the Protein Data Bank

    3. What percentage of the human proteome has known structure?

    4. What Is Structural Genomics?
      1. Introduction to Homology Modeling
      2. Target Registry for Structural Genomics
      3. Links to Further Reading

    5. Intrinsically Disordered Protein
      1. Links to Further Reading

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