Customizing the ConSurf View --
Exploring the Structure in the ConSurf Result

with ProteinExplorer.Org

Drag on the molecule with the mouse at any time to rotate it.

The instructions below assume that you have already tried all the controls in the ConSurf View control panel. After you are familiar with the ways in which these customize the molecular view, you may wish to become familiar with the options below.

To identify any atom, click on it. A report will appear in the message box at the lower left.

You can use Protein Explorer to customize ConSurf's molecular view, or for self-directed exploration of the molecule. Afterwards, you can return to the ConSurf View.

To begin, scroll the ConSurf View control panel if needed until you can see a cluster of convenience buttons (Spin, Zoom, etc.). These buttons can be used for common operations on the molecular view. Simply try each button to see what it does. Some buttons are toggles (clicking a second time undoes the result of the first click). Pressing the Reset button will restore the original ConSurf View. If you want more information about how to use these buttons, go to QuickViews (see below), where help is automatically displayed when you push each button.

Beneath the cluster of buttons for Spin, Zoom, etc. are links to QuickViews and the PE Site Map. These take you to other control panels in Protein Explorer. The PE Site Map is available everywhere in Protein Explorer, and can be used to return to the ConSurf View.

Information about the molecule that the authors of the PDB file included in its header can best be accessed by using the PE Site Map to go to Features of the Molecule.

Powerful but easy-to-use menus are available in QuickViews for displaying selected portions of the molecule in various ways, or hiding them. Noncovalent interactions between any two moieties, salt bridges, or cation-pi interactions can be displayed in a few clicks. For more information about the capabilities of Protein Explorer, go to its FrontDoor. There you will find Flash Movies introducing Protein Explorer, a One-Hour Tour, and other resources to introduce you to the power and ease of Protein Explorer.

Saving a customized view: If you wish to save a modified version of the ConSurf View, there are several options.

The ConSurf View is a customized Presentation in Protein Explorer (PiPE). Protein Explorer includes ConSurf-specific program code (javascript). If you are interested in building code for another bioinformatics server into Protein Explorer, please contact