Getting Started With Protein Explorer


A series of interactive Flash movie demos that introduce you to Protein Explorer, free software for viewing and exploring molecular structures in 3D. Total demo viewing time approximately 25 minutes.
Help viewing the movies over a dial-up connection

Place your cursor over each title below for brief descriptions.

  1. FirstView 1.4 MB, 7 min movie
  2. Features of the Molecule 1.2 MB, 4 min movie  
  3. QuickViews 3.4 MB, 4 min movie  
  4. What Protein Explorer Doesn't Do 0.4 MB, 2 min movie  
  5. Molecules of Broad Educational Interest 0.4 MB, 2 min movie  
  6. Finding and Viewing Your Favorite Molecule 0.6 MB, 2 min movie  


Close this window to exit the demo.    

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