Getting Started With Protein Explorer: Credits


Getting Started with Protein Explorer is a series of demonstration movies that orient new users to the most salient features of the Protein Explorer software. Getting Started with Protein Explorer was authored using RoboDemo, a commercial software product for making interactive demonstrations ands software simulations.




Conception and implementation: Frieda S. Reichsman
Content: Frieda S. Reichsman & Eric Martz

We are grateful to Marcy Telles and Gabriel Pons for valuable feedback on the movies, and to Tim Driscoll for the implementation of the feedback form.


Frieda S. Reichsman

Audio voiceovers:

What Protein Explorer Doesn't Do

Eric Martz

Audio voiceovers:

Features of the Molecule
Molecules of Broad Educational Interest
Finding and Viewing Your Favorite Molecules



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Getting Started with Protein Explorer, version 1.0 © 2004 by Frieda S. Reichsman.
Funded by a grant from the National Science Foundation.