Installing MDL Chime in Netscape 7.2, Firefox, or Mozilla
(For Windows Only!)

MDL Chime is the browser plugin that displays macromolecular structure, and is required for viewing the resources at MolviZ.Org and for Protein Explorer.

The procedure for installing Chime into Netscape 7.2 (or Mozilla or Firefox), is a simple "manual" installation that can be performed only after using the automatic Chime installer on Internet Explorer. We're aware that this sounds kind of strange, but it works—read on.

  1. Printing this page now will be useful because you'll have to close the browser during the installation.
    If necessary, download and install Netscape 7.2 (or Mozilla or Firefox), available from the Netscape Product Archive (or or
  2. Download the MDL Chime installer, and first install Chime in Internet Explorer. (Yes, really.) Here are step by step instructions.
  3. After the installation into Internet Explorer, copy the file npchime.dll

    (The other three "chime" files in the plugins directory are unnecessary: chime.html is the Chime release notes; chime26.isu and ChimeShim.dll are obsolete.)

  4. Close all browser windows. This is necessary since browsers load plugins only when starting.
  5. Start Netscape 7.2 (or Mozilla or Firefox). Open the Help menu, and display About Plugins. If MDL Chime is not listed, the file npchime.dll was not copied into the correct directory -- return to step 3.
  6. Test your Chime installation at our Chime Test Page to make sure it works. Follow the link there for troubleshooting if necessary. Then return to MolviZ.Org and enjoy the Chime resources!

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