Chime Command-Line Example (Revised)

Heme only       Heme + protein
Here, Chime's display of hemoglobin is accompanied with the command-line interface (below) often useful during web page development. Try clicking on an atom in heme (the backbone trace won't work) and view the report (*Mac see below) in the messages box. Rotate the molecule, then type the command 'view show user'.
Alpha Helix C O N Fe
See below the messages box for more hints and links.

This page REQUIRES Chime plus a compatible browser.
Type commands in the slot below, then press Enter/Return.

After clicking the heme button, try 'select hem' then 'spacefill off' and 'wireframe 0.3'. Information is available on Chime's command language.

Note that the entire command-line interface can be removed once your Chime page is fully developed by commenting out the single call to the javascript function Chime_2way(). For a full explanation of how to create Chime web pages, see our simple examples. You can download copies of any of these pages for local use, or to modify for building your own Chime pages.

Here is an experimental version which includes the ability to open a local PDB file into Chime.

*Macintosh users: there is a bug in Chime 1.0 which prevents the atom identification report from appearing in the message box. It works in Windows 3.1 and Windows 95. MDLI is aware of the bug and it will be fixed in the next release of Chime.

Revisions to this page:

Thanks to Tim Maffett of MDLI (author of Chime) who provided the javascript template upon which this page was built.