How to Invoke Chime

Here is an example of the HTML syntax to invoke Chime, load a specified PDB file, and run a script to produce the desired initial view of the molecule. HTML comments are encased in <!-- ... -->, and script comments are preceded by #. Both types of comments are shown in red. Align=left (or right) enables text to appear side-by-side with the Chime plug-in graphic. Hspace=15 makes a 15-pixel margin around the plug-in, so that the wrapped text is not right up against its edge. Name="chime_graphics" defines a name for this plug-in graphic which can be used as the target for subsequent script buttons.

<embed src="1hhoxgz.pdb" bgcolor="#000000"
	align=left hspace=15
	height=60% width=50%
wireframe off #Chime starts up with a wireframe display.
#Unlike the Display Menu, invoking a representation
#(such as ribbon here) in script does not turn off
#other representations, such as wireframe.
select protein
ribbon #Applies to selected atoms only.
color structure #Secondary structure color scheme.
select hem #Heme moiety as named in the PDB file.
color cpk #Corey Pauling Koltun chemical element coloring scheme.
spacefill #Applies to selected atoms only.
select all
rotate y -20

How do I learn more about Chime script language?

Feedback to Eric Martz.