Past Presentations


This Academic Year

  • Sharon Farmer (Professor of History, University of California, Santa Barbara), "Global Perspectives on the Making of a Fourteenth-Century French Almspurse."

  • Daniel Armenti (PhD Candidate in Comparative Literature at UMass), "Philomena As Victim, Philomena As Monster."

  • Colleen Curran, (Postdoctoral Researcher in English, Corpus Christi College Oxford), "The Classical Influence in Anglo-Saxon Poetry: An Introduction to the CLASP project."

  • Eliza Garrison (Assoc. Prof. of History of Art and Architecture, Middlebury College), "Book, Body, Cloister: The Spaces of the Uta Codex."

  • Race in the Middle Ages. A symposium organized by Ingrid Nelson (Assoc. Prof. of English at Amherst College). The featured speakers were: Geraldine Heng (Assoc. Prof. of English, University of Texas-Austin), Dorothy Kim (Ass't Prof. of English, Brandeis University) and Sierra Lomuto (Ass't Prof. of English, Macalester College).

  • Grace Delmolino (Visiting Lecturer in Italian at UMass and Visiting Lecturer in English at Mount Holyoke C.), "Medieval #MeToo: Boccaccio at the Origins of Consent."

  • Amanda Luyster (Lecturer of Visual Arts, College of the Holy Cross), "Signatures, Labels, Inscriptions and Inventories: The Use of Text in Treasuries and Other Networks of Collection."

  • Stephen Harris (Prof. of English, UMass Amherst), "Algorithms of Poetry: Computing the Grammar of Meaning."