UMass Amherst

TRG 3: Bionanotechnology

The Bionanotechnology Technical Research Group brings together a diverse array of researchers studying the biomedical and life sciences aspects of nanotechnology, in collaboration with industry, for applications in the biomedical, pharmaceutical, food manufacturing, and environmental fields. Bionanotechnology research from UMass labs has implications in such areas as biomaterials and tissue engineering, encapsulation of drugs, flavors and nutrients, drug design, hyperthermic cancer therapy, biosensors, lab-on-a-chip, biomedical implants, pharmaceutical separations, and nanoengineered proteins.

Study Areas

  • Discrete Nanoscopic Structures
    • Polymer architecture and assembly
    • Nanoscopic particles
    • Nanoscopic biomaterials: micelles, liposomes, colloidosomes
  • Hierarchical Nanoassemblies
    • Polymer architecture and assembly
    • Biomaterials for biomedical applications: nanofibers, membranes, porous materials, biopatterned and biofunctionalized surfaces, macroscopic materials for scaffolds
    • Components for biotechnology processes: microfluidics, MEMS applications

Application Targets

  • Biocidal and bioprotectivesurfaces
  • Drug delivery
  • Sensors
  • Shape-and chemo-selective membranes
  • Tissue engineering
  • Wound care

Group Leaders

  • Surita Bhatia
  • Vincent Rotello

Affiliated Faculty

  • Scott M. Auerbach
  • Alfred Crosby
  • Jeffrey M. Davis
  • Anthony D. Dinsmore
  • Todd S. Emrick
  • Neil Forbes
  • Robert Gao
  • Samuel P.Gido
  • Robert W. Hyers
  • Moon. Kim
  • Michael Knapp
  • Alexander Levine
  • Michael Maroney
  • Craig Martin
  • Julian McClements
  • Shantikumar Nair
  • Klaus Nsslein
  • Susan Roberts
  • Thomas Russell
  • Maria Santore
  • Dhanasekar Thirunavukkarasu
  • Gregory Tew
  • Sankaran Thayumanavan
  • John E. Tobiason
  • Robert Weis
  • Jochen Weiss
  • H. Henning Winter