UMass Amherst

TRG 2: Nanoscale Electronic Devices

A diverse Technical Research Group concerned with research on new nanoscale devices, through the use of a broad array of nanofabrication techniques, in collaboration with industry for applications in electronics, energy conversion and storage, data storage and processing, optics and sensing. Participating faculty cover a wide range of disciplines with an overall emphasis on novel device experimentation and design.

Study Areas

  • Integrated Nanofabrication
  • Nanomagnetics
  • Organic Electronics
  • Nanoelectronic Architectures
  • Electrochemical Nanosystems
  • Thermoelectric Devices

Application Targets

  • Data Storage and Processing
  • Energy Conversion Devices
  • Battery Technology
  • Physical Sensors
  • Thermoelectric Devices
  • Display Technology

Group Leaders

  • Mark Tuominen
  • Seshu Desu

Affiliated Faculty

  • Marc Achermann
  • Neal Anderson
  • Michael Barnes
  • Kenneth Carter
  • William C. Conner
  • E. Bryan Coughlin
  • Anthony D. Dinsmore
  • Todd S. Emrick
  • Massimo Fischetti
  • Robert Gao
  • Peter Khalifah
  • Byung Kim
  • Narayanan Menon
  • Csaba Andras Moritz
  • Evgenia Pekarskaya
  • Vincent M. Rotello
  • Thomas Russell
  • Sankaran Thayumanavan
  • Dhanasekar Thirunavukkarasu
  • Sankaran Thayumanavan
  • Dhandapani Venkataraman
  • James Watkins
  • Sigfrid Yngvesson