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2011 NSF IGERT Poster Competition Finalist
Felicia Bokel, (Hayward Research Group) receives award for the Research and Innovation in Nanoscale Device Development poster: "Hybrid Poly(3-Hexylthiophene)/CdSe Nanowires via Co-crystallization". More...

IGERT Students Win UMass Innovation Challenge
Kevin Early (Barnes Group) and Tracy Heckler (Mountziaris Group), part of team that receives $35,000 Grand Prize for business plan to improve solar cell output. More...

Smaller... Faster... Denser... Cheaper... Stronger... More complex...

Nanoscale device

Nanoscale device research is new territory that is calling many explorers. In the IGERT Nanotechnology Innovation program you keep your core disciplinary focus but broaden your academic horizons through multi-disciplinary exposure and an intensive two-year team project aimed at product development and commercialization. You can enter and graduate on time as an electrical engineer, for example, while learning from your polymer science and chemistry teammates and mentors from business and industry.

If selected as an IGERT Fellow you will receive a $30,000 annual stipend for two years, plus research assistantship support for the balance of your time to degree. Your training will include R&D internships and practical device fabrication experiences at industrial companies, research institutes, government labs, and nanotech research sites in Europe and Japan. An intensive, long-term team project, special courses and seminars, and funds for exploring entrepreneurial opportunities are all part of the program. A diverse and active community of nanoscience and engineering researchers awaits you at UMass Amherst, the flagship campus of the University of Massachusetts.

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