Business Reply Mail

Convenient business reply mail service is available on a recharge basis for all campus departments. 

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Mail Services maintains an advance account at the Amherst Post Office for business reply mail and handles all the associated fees and accounting.  Mail Services is the ONLY campus department qualified by USPS to authorize business reply usage.

The design requirements are very exact for business reply mail so it is required that you contact Office 2 Office Mail Services customer service at 413-545-2488 before planning your campaign or printing any mailing pieces.

Postal regulations change frequently so please do not use old envelopes or previous designs without approval of Mail Services.

Recharge amounts, based on basic USPS Business Reply postage rates, are as follows:
            Regular letters and post cards up to one ounce- 60 each piece returned
            Larger pieces are charged at the rate of 83 plus 23 for each additional ounce.

After receiving business reply pieces from the Post office, Mail Services will recharge individual departments and deliver reply mail on the next business day.

Forwarding Services

Mail Services provides mail-forwarding service to students, faculty and staff at the Amherst campus. The U.S. Post Office in Amherst does not forward mail for individuals with University of Massachusetts addresses. All address changes for on campus students must be done through the Housing Assignments office. Off campus changes are handled by the Graduate Registrars office or the Continuing Education Registrars office. Address changes for employees are processed at Human Resources, room 325 of the Whitmore Administration Building. Mail Services will forward department mail by completing a “Department Change of Address” form. Dept. change of address

Mail services will forward all first class mail, packages, tapes and compact discs. Magazines, newspapers and bulk rate mail are not forwarded. At the beginning of the spring semester there is a large volume of student mail to be forwarded. Students who have moved may wish to check for their mail in person at Mail Services (a student ID is required).

No student mail is forwarded during the Intersession break in January. The U.S. Post Office delivers mail to the locked dormitories during this time and access to mail is not available. If students are expecting important mail during this time, they should instruct their correspondents to mail to their permanent addresses. During the summer, student mail (first class letters, packages, tapes and compact discs) will be forwarded to their permanent addresses unless a different address change is filed at the appropriate office (see above). Magazines are not forwarded during the summer. Students should notify magazine publishers of their summer addresses at least six weeks before the semesters end.