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Business Reply Mail
Place an order online for a business reply design
Download a Business Reply design order form (PDF 210kb)
  To request an envelope or postcard design, select one of options shown above.
A camera ready PDF layout will be sent to you so you can bring it to Print Services in Whitmore and order the printing of the envelopes for your program.

Convenient business reply mail service is available on a recharge basis for all campus departments. 

Mail Services maintains an advance account at the Amherst Post Office for business reply mail and handles all the associated fees and accounting.  Mail Services is the ONLY campus department qualified by USPS to authorize business reply usage.

The design requirements are very exact for business reply mail so it is required that you contact Mail Services customer service at 413-545-2488 before planning your campaign or printing any mailing pieces.

Postal regulations change frequently so please do not use old envelopes or previous designs without approval of Mail Services.

Recharge amounts, based on basic USPS Business Reply postage rates, are as follows:           

  • Regular letters and post cards up to one ounce- 81.5 ¢ each piece returned
  • Larger pieces are charged at the rate of $2.35 plus .20 each additional ounce

After receiving business reply pieces from the Post office, Mail Services will recharge individual departments and deliver reply mail the next business day.