The Models to Medicine Center harnesses campus research strengths in life sciences to foster translational applications, create synergistic ties with industry, and improve the training of future life scientists, especially those who will join the workforce in the commonwealth.

Established in 2013, the center advances translational research at UMass and supports life sciences driven economic development. The Models to Medicine Center is one of three centers supported with more than $150 million in capital investments to date by the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center and UMass Amherst as part of the university’s new Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS).

M2M Leadership

  • Peter Chien, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Director
  • Jeanne Hardy, Chemistry, Associate Director
  • Shelley Peyton, Chemical Engineering, Associate Director


M2M Steering Committee

  • Sam Black, Veterinary & Animal Sciences
  • Peter Chien, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Jeanne Hardy, Chemistry
  • Sam Hazen, Biology
  • Mike Henson, Chemical Engineering
  • D. Joseph Jerry, Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  • Rolf Karlstrom, Biology
  • Barbara Osborne, Veterinary and Animal Sciences
  • Shelly Peyton, Chemical Engineering
  • Peter Reinhart, IALS
  • Maria Santore, Polymer Science & Engineering
  • Celia Schiffer, UMMS
  • Jessica Schiffman, Chemical Engineering
  • Eric Strieter, Chemistry
  • Pat Wadsworth, Biology


M2M All-Hands Meetings