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LTR Lab, Deparment of Languages and Literatures


Available equipment:

  • 27 iMac computers (OSX 10.6/Windows 7)
  • 27 SANAKO Lab 100 panels
  • USB Headsets
  • Wall-mounted HDTV screens
  • Overhead projector
  • Sound-proof interpreting booth
  • Mac Pro research workstation (OSX 10.7/Windows 7)
  • Serial response boxes (for use with E-Prime)
  • CD/tape players for digital audio conversion


Available software:

In addition to Adobe Creative Suite CS6†, iLife†, and Microsoft Office, the following specialized software is available for individual or class use in the lab:

Web authoring: Kompozer ‡   Audio/visual: VLC media player
  Notepad++ ‡     Audacity
  FileZilla     Goldwave
Experiment-building: E-Prime *‡      
  OpenSesame ‡   Video editing: Any Video Converter*‡
SDL Trados Studio 2011 *‡     AVI Recomp*‡
  Aegisub     * limited availability
† OSX only
‡ Windows only
Speech analysis: Praat†    


Don't see what you're looking for? Want to use a specific program with your class? Request the software here!