Statement Condemning Recent Racist Incidents at UMass Amherst

The UMass Labor Center joins in the widespread condemnation of the treatment of people of color on this campus and campuses across the country. Bigotry promotes intolerable working conditions. It trades in the idea that one group of people is any better than another. When we go to the bargaining table, we demand that management treat us with respect, and we demand the same respect when one of us, irrespective of our background, enters the workplace or studies to enter the workforce.

The Labor Center seeks to educate a new generation of labor movement activists in an intersectional approach to union solidarity, one that sees the struggles for economic and racial justice as inseparable. Our focus, now more than ever, is to provide fresh leadership to the labor movement at all levels so that we can build inclusive and democratic workplaces that are welcoming to all working people.