Report on our January Session

Photo of student and faculty in the January session

The past weeks were exciting for us in the Labor Center, as we launched the January residency in the 22nd year of our limited-residency ULA master’s program. Despite it being Winter Break, there was tremendous energy in Thompson Hall!

This limited-residency program is designed especially for union officers, staff, and activists. Students here in this term include people from each coast and everywhere in between in the United States, as well as students from two Canadian provinces. Our students are officers and rank-and-file members of SEIU, AFSCME, Teamsters, UAW, CWA, several teachers’ unions, and smaller unions, like the Harvard Clerical and Technical Workers.

During the January session, our students took courses in labor law, labor economics, and current issues and debates in the labor movement—which are in an especially dynamic moment with the election of Trump. 

Dramatic improvements in enrollment reflect deep investments from our faculty, staff, and supporters to ensure recent troubles will not harm our commitment to deliver a world-class education in Labor Studies to a diverse student body. We could not have done this without our supporters who helped to spread the word about our programs, our scholarships, our excellent job-placement, and our unique contributions to Labor Studies and to the labor movement. Sincerely: we can’t thank you enough!

Eleven new students were admitted and started last week, nearly tripling our four-year admission average. We are encouraged by the improved diversity in our program, as about half of the students in the current session are women.