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ULA NON-credit option

We are piloting a non-credit Union Leadership Certificate Program, offering courses through our Union Leadership and Administration (ULA) on a reduced-fee, non-credit basis.  This is an opportunity to step back and engage with other trade unionists around pressing issues, to take the time to see the big picture, to frame the work you do daily, and to take courses from national experts in their field. 

Participants are expected to keep up with the readings and fully participate in class, but are not required to research and write the papers.  Participants have the option to take one or two courses. 

Students in our ULA program are working trade unionists and come from a range of unions across the country.  They bring a wealth of experience to the classroom, as would many of you.

We are now accepting students for our upcoming session, which runs from January 3-13, 2016. 

If you are interested in participating in this new program or if you have questions, please contact Beth Berry

Classes are held at the Labor Center.  The cost of the program is $425 per course, plus ULA fees of $615 if you take two courses or $380 if you take one course.  The ULA fees include all lunches, some dinners, staff support, and access to computers and other facilities.

You will receive the reading materials and course syllabus ahead of time, so that you can prepare for the first class. 

If you cannot attend this January, there will be an opportunity to take a different set of courses during the July 17-27, 2016 session. 


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