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About the UMass Labor Center


Founded in 1964, the Labor Relations and Research Center is an integrated program of graduate education, research, and direct service to workers and the labor movement.


Residential Master's Degree Program


UMass Amherst offers a unique multi-disciplinary program that combines coursework and an internship toward an M.S. degree in Labor Studies. Coursework provides the skills necessary to work in the labor movement - expertise in organizing, collective bargaining, strategic corporate research, and union leadership - and you will have an opportunity to examine the larger theoretical and strategic issues confronting workers and their unions in the new millennium.


Union Leadership and Administration Program


In 1995 the Center began offering an M.S. in Labor Studies in a limited-residency format for trade union officers, staff, and activists with this innovative program. Trade unionists attend ten-day residencies in summer and winter and can complete their Master's degree over a three-year period. The Union Leadership and Administration (ULA) program has quickly gained a national reputation and currently has more than one hundred trade unionists enrolled from across the U.S. and Canada.


Labor Research Program


The Center's faculty and staff also conduct national research about work and labor, including research on organizing, strategic campaigns, labor and community coalitions, living wage campaigns, and globalization. Much of this work has been funded by the labor movement. We also offer research services in support of organizing, bargaining, and in the policy arena for regional and local unions and state and central labor bodies.


Labor Extension


As part of a state-wide extension program, we offer training and education to unions and central labor bodies locally, state-wide, and regionally. In addition to our extension staff, all our faculty have experience in non-credit labor education.


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