Tutoring Program
Students helping students achieve academic success

Finals Schedule

Please click here to see the courses supported by tutoring during finals week.

Appointments can be made online or by calling the LRC.


Tutoring provides academic support for students, in 1:1 or 2:1 settings, and addresses specific questions and comprehension challenges. We offer tutoring for a wide range of classes including all of the introductory STEM courses. Tutoring sessions are 60 minutes and all of our tutors are students who have previously excelled in the courses they tutor.

Students must make an appointment to meet with a tutor at the LRC. Appointments can be scheduled up to two weeks ahead of the desire appointment.

To make an appointment, log on here.

You can find a list of courses we’re tutoring this semester here or view it below.

If you have any questions, must change/cancel your appointment, or can’t find the course you need, please contact the LRC’s Front Desk at 413-545- 5334.