Supplemental Instruction Program
Students helping students achieve academic success

Supplemental Instruction

Supplemental Instruction (SI) are informal, peer facilitated review seminars for a particular course and section and sessions meet regularly. SI is only available for courses which an instructor and LRC have mutually agreed upon. During SI sessions, students compare notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools and predict test items. A student who has successfully completed the course and who is currently attending, leads the course. Research has found that groups developed around an academic program have a positive impact on students' academic adjustment and performance.

Leaders serve as model learners of the subject and they also guide peers to work within a group. Student leaders benefit from the program because the process reinforces their own learning and skill in the subject area.

Participation in the SI program is voluntary and open to all students enrolled in the course. A typical session can accommodate up to fifteen students. Two to four SI sessions are held per week for each course. The success of the SI program is demonstrated by the higher grades by those students who regularly attend SI sessions.