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Solving problems is clearly a crucial survival skill in an information society because, in order to survive in the society, we must deal with many technologically advanced issues or works consisting of complicated, complex problems. Thus business and education leaders emphasize the need for problem solving skills as one of higher-order thinking skills, which involve professionals all the time and in all aspects of their lives.

Every person has some problem-solving capability. When students build on these existing skills, they will be able to successfully tackle significant academic subject matter. It means that no matter what discipline a student chooses for a career, problem solving plays an important role. Here, learners see how important problem solving skills are and that when solving problems, the first step is to identify the true problem.

Skills check list - prioritize these tips and select up to three that you will implement now.

  • Read the entire problem and note everything you are unfamiliar with.
  • Identify the topic of the problem.
  • Write down all the information given.
  • Identify the real question.
  • Plan your method of attack.
  • See if you have enough information.
  • Make sure you discard irrelevant information.
  • Solve the problem in an organized way.
  • Include units in numerical solutions.
  • Check your answer.