Research Through our research, we seek to better understand the mechanics, energetics, and control of bipedal locomotion. A particular focus is the in vivo function of skeletal muscles during locomotion. In much of our work, we use a modeling and simulation approach in conjunction with optimal control theory. Thus, we have invested considerable time in developing and validating computational models of the musculoskeletal system. The scope of our research spans from the restoration of gait in cases of disability to the evolutionary basis for human bipedalism. Read about our current research and the tools we use by clicking on the appropriate links to the left of the screen.
Locomotion Research Group
Locomotion Research Group Department of Kinesiology University of Massachusetts 30 Eastman Lane Amherst, MA 01003-9258 Phone: 413-545-1436 Fax: 413-545-2906
Studying fundamental and clinical aspects of human locomotion