News Flash: Brian Umberger and the LRG have moved to the University of Michigan. A new website at Michigan is in development. This website will remain up for the time being but is not being updated. It is a snapshot of the lab in late 2017. Welcome to the Locomotion Research Group The mission of the Locomotion Research Group at UMass Amherst is the pursuit of knowledge that enhances our understanding of the mechanics, energetics, and control of bipedal locomotion. We study basic and clinical aspects of locomotion in humans and other bipeds, using a combination of experimental and computer modeling techniques. Please explore our site using the links to the left. Current and recent research support has been provided by the National Science Foundation, National Center for Simulation in Rehabilitation Research, Kosair Charities, and the UMass Amherst Research Office. News Brian Umberger elected President-Elect of American Soceity of Biomechanics. Lots of cool press (here, here & here) on our recent PNAS paper on chimp and human muscle properties.
Locomotion Research Group
Locomotion Research Group Department of Kinesiology University of Massachusetts 30 Eastman Lane Amherst, MA 01003-9258 Phone: 413-545-1436 Fax: 413-545-2906
Studying fundamental and clinical aspects of human locomotion