What to Bring

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Luggage Program

Sustainability Reminders

  • Coordinate with your roommate(s) and discuss what items you can share (television, DVD player, gaming console, printer, etc.). NOTE: If you plan to bring a television, please check here for HSCN Digital TV Compatibility Information.
  • Purchase gently used items for your room at the New2U tag sale during Move-In weekend. 
  • Bring a reusable water bottle to fill up at the hydration station in your residence hall!

Learn additional ways you can live sustainably on campus!

Suggested Items

Remember, your space on campus will most likely be smaller than your room at home. Keep this in mind when packing.

For a checklist of suggestions on what to bring click here.


UMASS has partnered with College Products to provide you with the option of renting or purchasing a MicroChill refrigerator/microwave. This combination appliance is a wonderful “GREEN” choice as it’s energy star rating is upward of 97 kWh lower than similar units available in big box stores.

Order by the Priority Deadline and the MicroChill will be in your room when you arrive for Move-In!

Linens Program

The UMass Amherst Residence Hall Association (RHA) has found a convenient and affordable way to ensure you have sheets that will fit the extra-long mattresses in our residence halls. Proceeds from this program go to the RHA and are used for programming in the residence halls at UMASS.

The Residence Hall Linens program has all your campus living needs, from extra-long twin sheets and comforters to matching towels and storage items. Everything is guaranteed until graduation, and there's free shipping for all Value Pak orders. Placing your order early is recommended for the best color and pattern choices. You can also have them shipped directly to campus so they will be ready for pickup from your Residential Service Desk when you arrive for Move-In!

Items that may be used in common areas only (kitchenettes):

Electric frying pans 

Prohibited Items

To maintain the safety of the residence halls for all students, the following items that may be a fire hazard or other hazard are not permitted:

Air conditioners 
Deep fryers 
Electric cooking grills 
Explosive materials 
Facsimiles of weapons 
Firearms or lethal weapons of any sort 
Fireworks or explosives 
Fog machines 
Gasoline or other flammable liquids 
Gas-powered equipment
Halogen Lamps 
Highly combustible material 
Hot plates 
Hoverboards, self-balancing scooters, battery-operated scooters, and hands-free segways
Laser pointers 
Lava lamps 
Lighted smoking materials 
Noxious chemicals 
Octopus lamps (with multiple plastic shades/covers) 
Open flame appliances 
Pellet or BB guns 
Pets (except for fish in 10-gallons or less tanks) 
Prescription medication not in your name 
Pyrotechnic devices and smoke machines 
Space heaters of any kind
Toaster/toaster oven 
Any items prohibited by state or federal laws

*Except for religious purposes only in designated areas as outlined in the Residential Life Community Standards.

Possession of any items listed above violates the Residential Life Community Standards and/or the Code of Student Conduct and will result in disciplinary action.