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About the SophoMORE Initiative:

SophoMORE is a comprehensive, campus-wide initiative including school- or college-specific programs open to all UMass Amherst sophomores. The goal of SophoMORE is to maximize success during students’ sophomore year by providing customized support for academic achievement, setting career direction and life goals, and building important skills, such as stress and time management.

SophoMORE Living-Learning Communities (LLCs):

For sophomore students interested in enhancing their education, Residential Life, in partnership with several Schools/Colleges, has developed three living-learning community options centered on specialized academic focus areas. For the 2018-2019 academic year, these include: Creative Expressions, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Technical Solutions. These living-learning communities are not restricted by major and are open to any sophomore who is interested in one of the community focus areas.

Interested in Applying? 

The application deadline for the 2018-2019 academic year is February 18, 2018. Students who are interested in applying can click on the Apply Now link under the community you would like to join. We hope that you will take the time to learn more about our communities below and consider applying in future years. If you have specific questions about any of the communities, please email We hope to hear from you soon!

What will be expected of me if I sign up for one of these communities?

Students living in SophoMORE communities are expected to:

• Have an academic or personal interest in the community's focus area
• Participate in program-related activities as part of the community
• Be a responsible and considerate member of the community and adhere to all housing policies

The following residence halls will house the sophomore living-learning communities for the 2018-2019 academic year:

creative expressions logo

SophoMORE: Creative Expressions
Butterfield Hall
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Creative Expressions is a community for students who are passionate about the arts and humanities. Whether pursuing a program of study within the College of Humanities and Fine Arts (CHFA), a related career, or simply interested in humanities subjects such as English, history, languages, philosophy, or the visual and performing arts, this community fosters conversations and networks that support your interests. Within this community, there are opportunities to connect with key resources on campus, including the CHFA Advising Center staff and the HFA Student Leadership Board. Creative Expressions students also enjoy access to intentional study spaces, a dance studio (located in it’s first year student counterpart, Van Meter Hall), and a music practice room with an electric piano. No matter what your major or academic pursuits, this community will engage your interests and provide you with unique opportunities to explore the campus and beyond.
The Creative Expressions Living-Learning Community spans two buildings, one designed for first-year students (Van Meter) and one designed for sophomores (Butterfield)

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SophoMORE: Innovations & Entrepreneurship
MacKimmie Hall
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Innovations & Entrepreneurship is designed for sophomore students who are passionate about business, marketing, or monetizing creative ideas. Whether pursuing a degree, career, or side-hustle in these fields, Innovations & Entrepreneurship provides students with an environment where like-minded peers can live together and support each other in pursuit of their own “great idea”. I&E also provides you with a living space that fosters making that “great idea” go from a thought to success.

Within this community, there are opportunities to interact directly with faculty and staff members from Isenberg School of Management, and to get connected with the Berthiaume Center for Entrepreneurship. Students will also have access to workshops, faculty programming, in-hall advising, and one-on-one interactions with innovators and entrepreneurs. Innovations & Entrepreneurship students have the option of enrolling in Sch-Mgmt 292V, “New Venture Creation”. This team-taught experiential course will prepare students to create and implement business plans.

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SophoMORE: Technical Solutions
Hamlin Hall
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Technical Solutions is a community for students who are committed to innovative technical problem-solving. Whether pursuing a program of study in Engineering or another technical field, this community provides a unique opportunity for students with similar academic interests to form study groups and explore career opportunities related to their majors. Students have opportunities to attend company information sessions, resume workshops, career fairs, and other events that facilitate mentoring, retention, and incremental career planning. Students living in the Technical Solutions community will be equipped to help motivate others in their cohorts to prepare for future careers in Engineering and the sciences.

The Technical Solutions community spans two buildings, one designed for first-year students (Leach) and one designed for sophomores (Hamlin). Leach is a Residential First-Year Experience (RFYE) hall. In this building, students have opportunities to join Residential Academic Programs (RAPs) linked to the Technical Solutions theme. Engineering Major RAP residents will share required coursework as well as participate in an Engineering career seminar. Students also have access to undergraduate Peer Mentors (PMs) who staff the Residential Academic Success Center located in Leach, provide academic support to students, and offer baseline peer advising for Engineers.

Have more questions?
If you have questions about the Room Selection process, please contact Residential Life: Student Services at 413-545-2100. If you have additional questions about these SophoMORE programs, please contact the Residence Education at