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Residential Life 

Residential Life Student Services (housing inquiries)
Tel. 413-545-2100  Fax. 413-545-1241

Residence Education Central Office (staff inquiries)
Tel. 413-545-6923  Fax. 413-545-1517

Facilities Operations
Tel. 413-545-0812   Fax. 413-545-2232

Finance Administration
Tel. 413-545-6930   Fax. 413-545-1517

Residential Life Human Resources
Tel. 413-545-8133  Fax. 413-577-3487

Residence Education East Office
Tel. 413-577-1105  Fax. 413-577-7544 

Student Affairs Technology Services
Tel. 413-577-7287  Fax. 413-545-2232

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