Social Media and Outreach Specialist

Starting Salary: $12.00/hour
Work Schedule: 8 – 10 hours/week during the academic year

Applications Due: not currently accepting applications

This position requires commitment to work during the summer months with the potential to work through the academic year. Staff member(s) will be trained on Residential Life programs, policies and general information regarding the most common inquiries from new and current students. Staff member(s) will apply this knowledge for outreach and communication using social media networks. Main tasks will include developing Living at UMass social media accounts and managing the Living at UMass Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook pages to engage with students. The position will also require attending University events and interacting with students and parents. Staff member(s) will primarily communicate through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram; however, alternative ways of effectively connecting with students using other social media networks may be considered.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Possess excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrate proficiency and expertise using social media
  • Be self-motivated and mature, demonstrating a sincere interest in working with students
  • Possess strong organizational skills
  • Currently enrolled undergraduate student in good academic and conduct standing
  • Experience living in the University residence halls for at least one complete semester

Preferred Qualifications

  • Demonstrated experience facilitating group discussion
  • Be a creative lateral thinker with excellent problem solving skills
  • Possess a working knowledge of housing policies and processes
  • Previous experience working in social media/communications fields
  • Possess interest and experience in photography, videography, and editing

Application Process

Please submit the following as your application for this position. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

1. A one-page typed resume which includes your current contact information, your education, work experiences and extracurricular activities.

2. Attach your typed answers to all of the following questions on a separate sheet.

  • Please describe the skills you possess that would make you successful in this position. Then, explain how the requirements of this position fit into your long term career goals.
  • Drawing from your past work or extracurricular experience, please describe a situation in which you had to independently organize and lead a group discussion. Reflecting on this experience, comment on your successes and areas for growth in the future.
  • Describe three strategies you would implement to increase and retain followers on either Instagram or Twitter. Be sure to indicate what audience you are trying to reach and how each strategy will meet your goal.
  • Explain how students and parents would benefit from a strong social media presence from Living at UMass. What benefits do social media accounts provide that websites and email do not?

3. Provide three references (name and phone #) that can evaluate your work performance in a previous position.

Applications will be evaluated based on your previous work experience and your ability to demonstrate how it transfers to this position, the detailed content of your answers, and a check of references.

Please submit your packet to Lacey Olson in Residential Life Student Services in 235 Whitmore. Packets must be emailed to LOLSON@UMASS.EDU.