Consider making a donation to benefit the Department of Linguistics at UMass Amherst. Your gift goes to support one of the world's best Linguistics departments. With public funding ever tenuous, your gift is greatly appreciated and goes to support:

  • Student Research Projects
  • Student Travel
  • Workshops, Conferences and Colloquia

Your gift can go to one of three accounts:

  • Departmental Gift account (used as described above)
  • Departmental Endowment account (your gift goes into the principal and accrues approximately 4% each year to spend)
  • E.O. Selkirk Linguistics Outreach Fund (used to support research on understudied languages)

By default, your gift will go into the Departmental Gift account.  If you wish to direct it to one of the other accounts, you shouild specify that when you make your donation.

You may write a check payable to UMass Amherst and mail it to the department, or click the button below to make a donation online.  If you have questions about giving to the department, please contact the Department HeadOffice Manager, or the HFA Development staff.