• Statement on Immigration and Travel Ban

    We stand together with our Chancellor and with the Linguistic Society of America in affirming our commitment to the welfare of all of our students and colleagues, regardless of their religion or country of origin. Restricting visas based on religion or country of origin undermines intellectual freedom and violates the most fundamental American values.

  • Linguistics at UMass Amherst

    We are internationally recognized as a major center for work in theoretical, experimental, and field linguistics. Our top-ranked doctoral program focuses on educating a small number of Ph.D. students as high-quality researchers and teachers.

  • LSA Establishes Emmon Bach Fellowship Fund

    The Linguistic Society of America has established a scholarship fund in honor and memory of Emmon Bach.

Cox and Duff honored

March 13, 2017

Two of our majors, Shelby Cox (Linguistics, Mathematics) and Jack Duff (Linguistics, Classics) are among the 2017 recipients of the William F. Field Alumni Scholar Award.  The Field Alumni Scholar...

John Kingston named 2017-2018 ISSR Fellow

March 07, 2017

The Intensity Puzzle...

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What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the systematic study of human language. 

Linguists are interested in language for its own sake, as a complex product of the human mind. They are also interested in how language develops in children, how it changes over time, and how it is used in human society.

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