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Research Resources

Rutgers Optimality Archive
Semantics archive
Dissertation Abstracts International
Linguistics Abstracts Online
Modern Language Association (MLA) Bibliography
Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI)
Online corpora of English, Spanish and Portuguese
UMass Library


Linguistic Society of America
American Dialect Society
Association for Linguistic Typology (ALT)

General Information about the Field of Linguistics

What is Linguistics?
A Linguistics Glossary
Some very general info about areas of linguistics
Linguistics Olympiad
PBS's Links for Teachers (Includes Some Language-Related Material)
The Yahoo! entry for Linguistics
Oxford English Dictionary (OED)
The People's Path Home Page (info on Native American and other Indigenous peoples’ languages)
Human Languages Page


Basic information about phonology
Phonological Theory
How the phonemes of English are produced
Introduction to Segmental Phonology
Middle English Phonology
Jen Smith's Catalog of Phonetics Resources on the Web
A (phonological) linguistic atlas project, headed by Labov.


Basic information about syntax
An online syntax textbook
Another online syntax textbook


Semantic theory
Basic information about semantics


ScienceDaily overview of Psycholinguistics

Other Areas of Linguistics

Historical Linguistics
Language Policy and Politics
Language and Law