Prosody Lab

The Prosody Lab in the Linguistics Department, located in South College , is designed to help graduate and undergraduate students, visitors and faculty in research on intonation. It houses a Mackintosh computer work station with various programs for speech analysis as well as statistical packages, and the relevant peripherals. It also houses various sorts of recording equipment used for intonation research, databases of recordings that have been collected either from experimental work carried out at UMass or from externally available sources, and a substantial a collection of books and papers on prosody and its interfaces with syntax, semantics and phonetics. In this day and age, when a laptop alone can hold serve as a prosody work station, the function of the lab is to supplement the resources that individuals may already have to carry out intonation research, to provide a meeting place for consultation on research issues, and a central location for documentation. A separate soundproof recording studio is available in the Phonology/Phonetics Laboratory of the Linguistics Department in Bartlett Hall.