Optimality Lab

The University of Massachusetts is a major locus of research in Optimality Theory, and the Optimality Lab, under the direction of John McCarthy, supports this activity. The Optimality Laboratory, located in South College, houses an extensive library of published and unpublished works and contains Macintosh and Windows computers for word-processing, data analysis, compiling bibliographies, and similar purposes. Many of the contributions to OT by current and past affiliates of this department can be viewed at the Rutgers Optimality Archive (ROA):

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Graduate students at the University of Massachusetts, Rutgers, and Johns Hopkins conduct an annual workshop on OT called HUMDRUM. OT is an important aspect of the undergraduate and graduate curricula, as in Ling 492, Ling 730, Ling 751. Ellen Woolford co-edits the new book series "Advances in Optimality Theory".