Structural Complexity in Language and Cognition

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Ever given a poster where you had to repeat the same thing over and over for an hour, and couldn't go into any depth with interested viewers? Our poster sessions will be enhanced by a series of brief (5-minute) talks in which each poster presenter gives a brief (5-minute) summary of their poster. These brief talks give everyone an idea of what the posters are about, and allows the conversations during the poster session to be more substantive.

There will be one poster session each day, and each will be preceded by a series of these brief public summaries of the posters. Although the formal talks in this conference are by invitation, we hope that the format of the poster session will enhance the exchange of ideas and active participation of all who attend.

Abstracts for posters should be no more than 1 page in length, in pdf format.

To submit an abstract, upload to

Submission deadline: Feb. 27 Notification: March 25.


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Peggy Speas

Tom Roeper