Degree Programs

The Linguistics Minor

The Linguistics Minor consists of five linguistics courses.

1) 201 Introduction to Linguistic Theory (core course)

2) 401 Introduction to Syntax OR 402 Speech Sounds and Structure (core course)

3) One 400-level linguistics course in addition to the chosen core is required.

401 Introduction to Syntax (if not chosen as a 'core')
402 Speech Sounds and Structure (if not chosen as a 'core')
409 Introduction to Computational Linguistics
411 Introduction to Language Acquisition
412 Language Processing and the Brain

413 Sociolinguistics

414 Intro Phonetics for Linguists


4 & 5) Two additional Linguistics courses.

Notes on the Minor:

One non-'core' course may be taken Pass/Fail.
Courses from other departments may not be substituted.